Custom Longarm Quilting
I quilt with an APQS Lucey longarm machine.  Below is a listing of some of the
patterns available and the associated costs.  I also will design specific patterns on
Simple meandering
edge to edge
1.5 censt per
square inch
Coke can sized
Edge to edge
meandering -
denser stiching
2.5 censt per
square inch
Egg size
•complex patterns
•two or more
•stitch in the ditch
•freehand, one of a
kind patterns
3.5 - 6.5 cents per
square inc
Set-up fee
Thread fee
$2.00 per bobbin
If you choose to furnish your batting and/or backing, the batting must
be bigger than the top by 6 inches (top and bottom) and the backing
must be bigger than the top by 12 inches.  This extra batting and
fabric allow for ease of quilting, ensuring that I can quilt an even
pattern on the quilt.  Example: Quilt top is 54 X 60 inches, the batting
must be 60 X 66 inches and the backing must be 66 X 72 inches
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Michiel DeVito

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